VPN Master Pro Free – Download For Android and Windows

VPN Master Pro Free Download: The name VPN Master Pro is already very well heard of and is one of the leading applications available today which can be used. It is very well known due to its ease of use along with it being super secure, you do not need to think twice before using it, and you also do not really need to pay anything to be able to use it.

This is a great way to be able to use all sorts of websites and applications available online even if it is blocked for your region. It safely and securely will unblock any such sites that you wish to use and will also protect your activities from being caught.

It is completely safe for you to use it as it will not even ask you to register to be eligible to use the application. The access to the app is available in the quickest way possible, and your surfing and using can begin without any additional hassles. The VPN Master Pro app is very helpful in optimal use of the internet without any boundaries and is also super easy to download and install.

The apk file of the app is just 11.2MB, which is very easy to download as it does not take a lot of time as long as you have decent internet. Once the downloading process begins, the download will not even take a minute to complete and get installed.

VPNMaster app was launched around 16.02.2018 and had been receiving popularity as time passes. More and more people are resorting to the use of this app, and the results and reviews so far are fairly positive.

VPN Master Pro

It is an application that can be downloaded on various devices like android and ios phones, tablets, etc. and even on personal computers and laptops, etc. VPN is an abbreviation for the term Virtual Private Network. What happens here is that it extends any private network across other public networks.

It also allows the users to be able to send as well as receive data across these networks. Many times, a lot of networks and websites, etc. are blocked online, sometimes depending on the region you live in or sometimes due to other reasons. the VPN Master Pro allows the users to be able to use freely, any portion of the internet and connect to various networks.


  • Easy to download the application
  • Does not need a lot of data to be able to download as the app is only 11.2MB and can be downloaded quickly.
  • All websites and applications can now accessed and as it will not be blocked as you can connect to your internet with the proxy internet VPN
  • You can switch servers, and this allows you to be able to change your server location to a proxy location.
  • Completely free to use
  • Unlimited usage and downloading without any sorts of restrictions.
  • Secure and safe platform to use
  • Does not ask for the user to register and log in. Does not ask for private data that can cause any issues or safety problems later on.
  • The IP address, which is a crucial personal data, will be highly protected and also supervised and created a proxy to change the one which is real for usage on such blocked sites and apps.
  • If while using the VPN Master Pro you end up connecting to new Wifi or some other sort of internet connection, it will protect you, no matter where you connect even if it is your private residence, some public space or hotels, etc.
  • Fast speed
  • Works well on all mediums like Android, IOS, or even personal computers.

Now that we already know so much about the application and what is it used for and other details let us get to the most important part which is none other than, the ways to download the application on various devices. What is great about the app is that it is not limited to any one platform, you can be an android or apple user, and you can use it anyway.


Android users can download and install the app easily, no matter whether they are planning to use VPN Master for Android on their phones or other sorts of tablets.

Just follow the basic steps below you can download and install the app on various Android devices. The steps are as follows.

  1. Click on the link provided below; you will see that once you open the website, you can see the basic details about the app.
  2. Click on the option to download apk.
  3. Once the apk is downloaded in your android device, then you can simply go to your downloads and click on it.
  4. The app on your phone will show you the option to install. After you download, you need the app to be actually installed before you can begin using it.
  5. Sometimes the phone might not allow you to download an app if it is a third party app, that is if it is not available on the play store. In such cases, you will have to go to the settings menu of your Android device and then change some settings so that third-party apps can be installed. You do not have to worry about this being problematic to your device.

We often need to change such settings because the Android device should not auto download third-party apps that can cause any sort of harm to your device, hence while downloading any sort of app from outside of google play, you need to change the setting.

That is all you need to do to be able to download the VPN Master Pro application smoothly. It is a very simple procedure which can be followed even by people who are not extremely comfortable with newer technologies.


The app can also be downloaded for IOS devices like your iPhones and Ipads. The process might be slightly more complicated than an android device but is still doable.

Follow the steps below to learn to download the VPN Master IOS application on your IOS device.

  1. Click on the link provided below; you will see that once you open the website, you can see the basic details about the app, and you will see there is an option to download the apk.
  2. Before downloading the app apk, you will have to log out from your Itunes and Apple store accounts. As this VPN Master IOS Download is a third party app, the ios system does not easily let you download and install from unknown resources.
  3. Once you log out, go to the settings option and then choose the option of general, then go to the Date and Time settings. From this, turn the option of ‘Set Automatically‘ off and change the date. This tricks the system.
  4. After this, download android emulator, Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a very widely known and used Emulator. This allows you to use all the apps on IOS, which are not available on the Apple app store. On the emulator tab, you will be there is a tab to download. When you click on it, it will redirect you to another page from where you can simply type the name of the app that you wish to download and then download it.

The process for IOS devices might be slightly longer than for an Android device as IOS device system security is one of the topmost and hence to download third-party apps for such systems can be quite tricky.


For people who want to use the VPN Master Pro on neither their Android or IOS devices, then they can also use this app at the comfort of their homes using a personal computer or laptop, etc. A lot of people prefer using a pc or a laptop for their activities online. The pc has better functioning, and even the screen is a lot bigger for the comfort of the person.

Downloading the VPN Master for PC is also a bit different.

We can use emulators to be able to use not just VPN Master Pro for PC but also absolutely any other app that is available for Android or IOS devices. The emulator gives us the ability to use any app on our PC very easily.

One of the most popular emulator is none other than the Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a veteran when it comes to emulators.

This method is very simple; let us begin and see how the VPN Master Download for PC app can be downloaded. Just follow the steps below,

  1. Open your browser on the pc; it can be any browser, google chrome, firefox, etc. Does not matter much as long as it works efficiently.
  2. Type download bluestacks in the browser search engine or simply click on the link we are providing below, www.bluestacks.com
  3. This is the bluestacks emulator’s official site, downloading from here helps you ensure that what you are downloading is no doubt authentic and safe. We recommend to download using for the maximum security of your personal computer and to protect it from any potential virus that can harm your data and device.
  4. On the official website, you will see that they have provided information about the emulator, its functions and basically every detail possible will have been provided by the official website, along with Q and As and you can even contact them if you have any further doubts.
  5. You will see the download option, click on it and wait for the emulator to be downloaded on your PC. It is not a huge file, so the download will not take too much of your time, so depending on the internet speed that is available for your device, the APK will be downloaded.
  6. Once the download is complete, you will have to click on the downloaded file, and it will show you the dialog box for installation of it on your PC. For this, you will have to run the file on your PC. So, just run the file and complete the setup.
  7. Once the set up of the bluestacks emulator is completed, you will see that an icon has appeared on the desktop of your PC.
  8. Simply double click on this icon, and now you are ready to use the bluestacks emulator on your pc.
  9. When you open the bluestacks emulator, you will see that there is a tab for app search. Simply search the name of VPN Master for Chrome, and you will be able to download the app on your PC.

That is it. It seems like a long procedure, but it really is not. The entire process will take a maximum of 10-15 mins of your time, and then you can use VPN Master Pro anytime for surfing any website on the internet.

Frequently Asked Question –

  • Is the VPN Master Pro app free?

Ans- Yes, it is completely free to download as well as use the app.

  • 2. Is the VPN Master Pro app safe to use?

Ans-  Yes. The  VPN Master Pro app is completely safe to use as it protects your IP address and other data secure.

VPN Master Pro

The VPN Master Pro app is a simple to use application which can be used on all sorts of devices. It is easy to download and install as well as easily available on various platforms. As it is completely safe to use this, we recommend trying it out. It does not have restrictions as such within the app, so once you start using it, there would not be any complications and your experience will be good.

If you like the app, surely recommend it to other people so that more and more people can reap the benefits of this amazing app.